Questions and answers

Things worth knowing

What does a casting look like?

You can take part in an online casting or - if you live in or around Warsaw - in a traditional casting in our studio**.

* Casting online proceeds via our App, which will take you step by step through registration process.

We want to get to know you as well as possible to determine which offers would suit you the best. We will ask you to give information vital for our casting specialists, such as your height, measurements, additional skills and distinguishing features, and to upload a couple of photos and a short video footage according to guidelines involved in the App (self-tape and acting scenes if you're interested in bigger roles/bit parts).

This way you will create your own profile in STARS Actors and Extras data-base! 

Your profile doesn't have to be 100% complete, but make sure to fill in your mobile phone number, address, and to upload your current photos - without that your profile won't be activated.

If necessary, we will contact you after the casting to record additional footage or fill in missing information.

** currently we hold only online castings

Casting...and what's next?

After joining STARS it is us who will be contacting you with offers!

If you take part in a casting in our studio, you will be registered immediately after visiting us *

In case of an online casting, we usually need a couple of days for an individual assessment and verification of each newly created profile. It will be taken over by our casting director – just the same as in case of a traditional casting.

* currently, we conduct only online castings

Which projects may i get a chance to appear in?

We work on tv series for the biggest television stations - such as HBO, Canal Plus, TVP, Polsat, TVN - commercial movie hits, independent films and all kinds of television programmes. We specialize in castings for commercial/advertisement projects.

Having our own casting studio, we hold auditions for commercials, films and tv series, including international projects.

Quite recently, we have worked on hits including Wataha, Belfer, Wojenne Dziewczyny, Kler, Pitbull, Proceder, Sala Samobójców. Hejter, 1800 gramów and many, many more.

Full list of our projects will soon be available on "Production gallery" subpage.

Who are you looking for/Which requirements do I have to meet?

There are no initial criteria to meet, anyone can join!

We seek people of various looks and skills – such as sports, dancing, singing and other. The most important thing is not to match any appearance standards, but to remain cool and feel naturally in front of the camera. Maybe you've got the talent we are looking for?

We work with both kids and adults and also invite Seniors to our castings!

Our projects are realized across the whole Poland.

Does an amateur have a chance for big roles?

Of course! Bigger offers (complex spoken roles, permanent cast etc.) aren't available only for professional actors working with us. Talented amateurs can also land a part in a tv series, be in a movie, and especially appear in commercials.

Don't worry if you haven't gained any experience yet - you will gain it with us!

Working with STARS Impresariat presents a chance to constantly develop your skills and join a path which may ultimately lead you even to an acting school.

When and where may a recording from my casting be used?

The recording will be used when presenting you as a candidate for a role to directors/producers of the projects we are working on.

All the information submitted and the footage uploaded will remain safe, because we comply with RODO (GDPR) and national provisions on the protection of personal data.

What can I do to maximize the effects of the co-operation with STARS?

Please let us know if you change your address, contact details, and especially your looks, so that your profile is always up to date.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Trust in our experience and accept offers you receive. Each time you actually work on the film set, your chances for next offer increase.

Should you have any doubts concering any topic, always ask - we will be happy to help!

Do you take any fees for castings?

Not a single chance! In connection with the information about persons impersonating our employees and taking "fees for casting" we must emphasise that all the castings organised by STARS Impresariat Filmowy are free of charge! The participants aren't required to pay any fees.

You can find all the information concerning castings on and on our Facebook profile or by writing at