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Whad does a casting look like?

During a casting a director will conduct a short interview with you; they will ask you about your interests and information from the questionnaire filled in before entry to the studio. Next, a producer will take a photo of your face and silhouette. Then you will be asked to improvise a few scenes in front of the camera which will enable us to get to know your character and stage personality. The director will judge your acting skills and will give you some useful tips for the future.

Is there a fee for participation in a casting?

Irrespective of the location of a casting, Stars does not collect any fees for participating in a casting.

Does an amateur have a chance to act in a popular TV series?

 Yes, of course. The directors and producers of well-known TV series, such as “Barwy Szczęścia”, “Na Wspólnej” and many others, invite through us persons without an acting background to cooperate as actors. Thanks to us, over ten thousand amateur actors have already played bit parts in feature films and TV series. On the subpage Productions gallery, you can learn about the productions in which you can act. ?

Where will the recording from casting be used?

The recording from a casting is used when your profile is presented to directors of TV, film and commercial projects. An offer to participate in filming may show up immediately or after some time. It depends on the nature of a needed character. Do not worry if you do not receive a call from us for a few days. It does not mean that you are not suitable; it means that right now we are looking for a different type of person. Remember that thanks to us around 2 000 persons per month act in Polish TV and film productions.

What should i do to become known / to act in a tv series or a film?

Come to our casting. Be natural and do not be afraid of the camera :-). Be open to cooperation with us and get ready for lots of fun. This will certainly give you a chance to experience great adventure with the world of stars and to become known in your favourite TV series, show or movie. Keep in touch with us, inform us of a change in your address or telephone number. Good luck. 

What is the average pay for a supernumerary?

The pay varies from a few dozen Polish zlotys in the case of participation in a TV/film project as a supernumerary (i.e. participation in group scenes) to several hundred, and even over one thousand zlotys if the offered role is a leading role. Usually higher rates are in commercials and lower ones are in film and TV.

How can i be registered in the stars bank of faces?

Feel free to come to castings at our branches in Kraków, Warsaw and Katowice. We also conduct out-of-town castings. Their dates and locations can be found on Facebook.

I do not find myself an attractive person. Do i have a chance to act somewhere?

Attractiveness and beauty are an individual matter. We leave the judgement to directors. You must not doubt yourself. Due to a large number of productions, we need persons with different types of beauty. Remember that you may have other talents which we will help you to discover.

I am a shy person. I am afraid of the camera. What can i do about this?

Come to our casting. A professional director will look after you. Everyone feels anxiety when they stand in front of the camera for the first time. We will help you deal with it until you succeed in overcoming it.

Nasze castingi są bezpłatne!

W związku z pojawiającymi się informacjami o osobach, które, podszywając się pod nas, pobierają „opłaty za casting”, uprzejmie informujemy, że wszystkie castingi organizowane przez Stars Impresariat Filmowy sp. z o.o. sp. k. są bezpłatne. Uczestnicy castingu nie są zobowiązani do wnoszenia żadnych opłat, ani ponoszenia jakichkolwiek kosztów.

Wszelkie wyjaśnienia oraz informacje dotyczące castingów można uzyskać na stronie www., a także na naszym profilu na Facebooku oraz pod nr tel. 12 290 69 40 lub email:

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